At Latebloom, we believe every production of genius must be a production of detail.


Jon Lafferty

Founder/ Executive Producer


Jon Lafferty hails from a long line of Hollywood trailblazers who’ve left their mark on the television and agency world, so it was only natural he pursue a career in entertainment. But being the Lafferty who’s always had to do it his way, he took a little detour and went to Tokyo to start his career as a professional Japanese rapper. After 2 albums and countless tours and performances throughout the Japanese Hip Hop circuit, he made his way back to Los Angeles. After a few years of working in different production companies, he landed at Shadowmachine where he found himself working as the assistant to the Voice Director on Comedy Central’s TripTank.  With a renewed passion for animation, he reached out to his long time friend and creative partner, Dikega Hadnot, and founded Latebloom Entertainment. Through Latebloom, Jon endeavors to use his love of Hip Hop, TV and cartoons to create value creating content.


Dikega Hadnot

Creative Director/ Executive Producer

Dikega Hadnot got his start in Hollywood working as an assistant to both Terrence Malick and Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki on Malick’s Tree of Life and To The Wonder.  Acting on the two filmmakers advice, he moved back to LA to start his own journey in film. With his creative partner Jon he created a series of shorts titled Millennials, before moving into producing and directing music videos and branded content for the likes of Interscope, Puma, AHF, and other clients. He worked as a Creative Executive at Killermoxie Management, developing projects for writer/directors such as Nicholas Jarecki, Alex Ebert, and Richard Kelly before moving into his role as the Creative Director of Latebloom Entertainment with long time partner, Jon Lafferty.


Michael Shafia

Head of Production/ Executive Producer

Michael Shafia is from Los Angeles, CA and has been producing for 6 years. In that time, he has had the opportunity to create commercial content for clients such as Time Warner, Sony Entertainment, Toyota, and Boeing. Michael has also produced various films and limited series with writer / directors Laura Holliday (Kid Roommate), Mike Diva (Japanese Trump Commercial / Kazoo Kid), and Dave Baker (Action Hospital). Michael also founded an organization to bring music education back into schools and community centers, which has been operating at the Boys and Girls Club and Youth Science Center since 2014. Above all else, Michael strives to create an influx of positive energy and quantifiable value in every endeavor he undertakes.